Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run

2015 Runner Photos & Reports

Glenn Tachiyama's 2015 pictures are Here

Ron Nicholl's 2015 pictures (mostly finish line) are Here

2014 Runner Photos & Reports

Takeo's 2014 pictures are Here

Ron Nicholl's 2014 pictures (mostly finish line) are Here

Alvin Crain's 2014 pictures (also mostly finish line) are Here

2013 Runner Photos & Reports

Glenn's 2013 pictures are Here

Ron Nicholl's 2013 pictures (mostly finish line) are Here

2012 Runner Photos & Reports

Glenn's 2012 pictures are Here

2011 Runner Photos & Reports

Glenn's 2011 pictures are Here

2010 Runner Photos & Reports

Glenn's 2010 pictures are Here

2009 Runner Photos & Reports

Here are some other 2009 pictures and runner reports on the old Cascade Crest blog.

Glenn's photos are at Glenn's CCC 2009 Photo Gallery.

2008 Runner Photos & Reports

Here are Glenn's photos.

And here are Chi-ping Fu's pictures, also from 2008

2007 Runner Photos & Reports

Congratulations to our 2007 men's champ Jamie Gifford (20:52), here turning towards the finish line with his pacer. On the right, our 2007 women's champ Darcy Africa (21:15), is shown cruising into Snowshoe Butte. Darcy looked this good the whole race, folks, and she crushed the women's course record by nearly an hour and a half. (Click on the links for video footage of Jamie and Darcy crossing the finish line, courtesy of Matt Hart.)

The 2007 Blueberry Picker Award, which recognizes the race's last official finisher, was won by Marc Greenberg (31:47), top of the page approaching the finish line. This was Marc's 13th 100-mile finish. Both Marc and fellow runner David Bliss stopped for more than thirty minutes early in the race to help a sick runner get off the course safely. We believe Marc and Dave's selfless acts capture the ethos of our sport perfectly. photo: Audrey Crissman

Jenny Uehisa (29:32) isn't going to brag about finishing her first 100 miler on her first try, so read about her run, and how she got Hans-Dieter Weisshaar to the finish line in a tutu, in pacer Krissy Moehl's blog report.

Arthur Martineau (25:05) tells all about how he bested his Cascade Crest PR by five-plus hours!

Check out more of Glenn Tachiyama's awesome race photos from Goat Peak, Stampede Pass, Ollalie Meadows, and Thorpe Mountain. Thanks, Glenn!

Olga Varlamova chronicles her valiant attempt at Cascade Crest '07.

Crew member Lucy Iglesias' photos from mid-pack.

Pacer Justin Angle provides blow by blow coverage of overall winner Jamie Gifford's (20:52) outstanding run.

The ever-enthusiastic Chihping Fu's photo narrative of his race, including great shots of the trail early in the course.