Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run

Congratulations on your entry into the 2022 Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run!!

Please complete and submit the form below by June 15th, 2022. Please note that submissions will not be accepted until after the 2022 lottery.

Your trail work must be completed between January 1st and June 15th 2022, and your trail work should be done with an organized work party such as the PCTA, WTA, or other trail work organization.

Your qualifying race must be completed between January 1st and June 15th 2022 unless you have previously completed a trail 100 miler.

Please complete both the trailwork and qualifying race information and submit at the same time rather than separately. It makes it easier for us to keep track of things.

Know this - failing to submit this completed form or lying on it will make me frown and give your spot to someone much cooler than you on the wait list.

Cascade Crest 100 Trail Work and Qualifying race

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