Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run

2020 Race - August 29 - 30, 2020

Latest News!!

From our race director - Important update regarding this year's race!!

Hey y'all, I hope you're all staying healthy and sane in this current covid world. With federal, state, and county guidelines and restrictions evolving at least weekly, it's been tough to gauge the extent to which this year's event will be affected.

Please rest assured we're holding runner and volunteer safety as the priority as we proceed.

At this time, we are remaining cautiously optimistic about being able to hold the event, but there are many variables and factors outside of our control, namely government, permitting agency, and state and county dept of health restrictions.

As such, we are making the following changes for this year:

Qualifiers: this year, we will accept self-styled 45+ mile runs, verified by GPX file/Garmin/Strava activity link and trip report submitted to us via the online submission form. Choose your name from the drop-down menu.

All efforts should be made for these runs to be on trail and with a fair amount of climb and descent, but there are no surface or elevation requirements this year. Please follow all your local department of health guidelines. Qualifier deadline remains July 31.

Trail work: this year, this requirement is waived. Anyone that opted for the trail work buyout, your money will be returned. Anyone that already completed their trail work requirement, many thanks and kudos to you ... please consider it good trail karma. To all, as restrictions allow, please consider joining a trail work party or donate to your local trail work organizations. Locally, we highly recommend the Washington Trails Association and the North 350 Blades Chapter of the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

Decision date: we will weight all variables and decide if this year's event will proceed (if allowed) by July 11, at the latest, but I feel it will probably be early to mid-June.

Refund/rollover: should this year's event be cancelled, we will automatically rollover the entrants and waitlists to next year, August 28-29, 2021. Should you prefer a refund at any point between now and a potential cancellation, you may choose to receive a 90% refund of your registration fee, or $270. A refund will remove you from the entrants list.

If cancelled, qualifier and trail work requirements will revert to normal in 2021 and beyond, meaning if you've never run a trail 100 miler, you'll need to run a trail 50M between January 1 and July 31, 2021.

If you have any questions or issues, please email me at

Stay safe, kind, and tuned for further updates,


The 2020 auction is open!!

Auction time! Here's a great way to secure your spot in the Cascade Crest 100 event, and support a good cause (#WTA). The auction entry can be used this year (ya, you waitlisters!) or even for next year (bypass the lottery altogether.) Auction closes May 1 at 6PM. Happy bidding! 2020-2021 Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run Auction

The 2020 lottery results are up!! They are posted at our entrants page and on Ultrasignup with the waitlist also available at the ultrasignup waitlist.

Runners and those on the waitlist, You may begin submitting trail work and qualifier information now.

Race Overview

Cascade Crest is a challenging 100 mile trail run through the Central Cascades of Washington State. The course currently runs as a clockwise loop from the Easton Fire Station. The race starts is 9:00 am Saturday morning and there is an overall time limit of 34 hours.

Randy Gehrke founded and directed the race from 1999 through 2005. Charlie Crissman directed the race from 2007 through 2012. Their efforts have established Cascade Crest as one of the premier 100 milers in the country.

In 2016, the course was enhanced, wrapping around and over Blowout Mtn. This change added roughly 3.2 miles and 1000' of climbing to the original course.

The course record on the current (longer) course is 18:03:00, set in 2018 by 3 time winner Jesse Lang of Richland, WA.

The course record on the original course is 17:56:50 set in 2014 by Seth Swanson of Missoula, MT.

The women's record is 19:25:56 by Alissa St Laurant of Edmonton, Alberta; set in 2015 on the original course.

The fastest women's time on the current, longer course is 21:16:26, set by Yitka Winn in 2019.

Race Qualifier

Entrants must complete an organized trail 50-miler or longer (with at least 6,500' of climb) between January 1st, 2020 and July 31st, 2020, OR have completed an organized trail 100-miler ever. There should be no ambiguity that your qualifier is a "trail" run. Cascade Crest 100 is not easy... prepare accordingly. If you need to ask if Such and Such 50M counts as a "trail" race, then it probably doesn't. Think primarily dirt, single-track trail.

Trail Work Requirement

Entrants get to do 8 hours of trail work. This trail work must be completed between January 1st and July 31st to count for that year's race, and should also be done with an organized work party such as the PCTA, WTA, or other trail work organization. Documentation of your trail work must be completed using the online submission form prior to August 1st. Trail work can be done where it is convenient for the runner. We recommend contacting your local US Forest Service office for trail work opportunities. For locals, the Washington Trails Association hosts trail work parties nearly every weekend in beautiful locations throughout the state. The trail work requirement applies to all entrants. Volunteering at a race does not constitute trail work.

Cancellation Policy

Entrants that cancel their registration before August 1st will be reimbursed $150 electronically by PayPal only. Do not enter if you are not prepared to forfeit the rest of the entry fee if you are unable to run.

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